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What is Search Engine Optimisation?

This refers to growing visibility in organic search engine results and increasing traffic through succesful digital marketing techniques. Organic search results is where a website appears naturally on Google without the use of paid ads. Companies set up websites so that they can be found when potential customers search the web. Whether they are promoting a product or service or just want their brand to be recognised, the key is to make sure there business ranks above competitors for all search queries and ensure conversions are maximised.

Why your Business Needs SEO Services?

SEO is all about getting web pages to appear higher on search engines so that potential customers browsing the web are more likely to find your site. As most people will use Google as a starting point on the web. You can think of seo services as the process of making sure your website appears in the top positions on search results and outranking your competitors for the long run.

Put simply, our services will help drive more visitors to your site and increase your brands visibility online. We also take into account the user experience. What makes sense to the user, makes sense to Google too.

Nationwide SEO Company

Your website might look great and tick all the boxes for aesthetics, but if your company doesn't rank well on all queries related to your industry, products or services in your target area, then you’re digitally invisible. It is worthy noting that page 1 search results cover approximately 95% of all website traffic. This leaves page 2 with only a small percentage of that traffic.

Google’s algorithms are changing regularly with updates such as Google Panda and Google Penguin that will penalise lower quality sites that don't have authority and don't have the right features in place. Some of the recent trends in Algorithms are mobile friendly web pages, page speed, voice search and schema markup. Gooogle also uses artificial intelligence and is forever improving there own rank brain to ensure SEO is done correctly and penailising other sites for bad practice. This is why you should hire an SEO Expert. It is crucial there is carefully planned out marketing strategy in place that takes all of these factors into account so that your company can get more traffic, better conversions and ROI online.

Strategic SEO Ireland

Many may claim to be an SEO Specialist and say they can deliver fast results for performance or rankings. They will use manipulative tricks that cause harm to your website long term and have no explanation for it. A successful strategy can take up to 3 months to see results and up 6-8 months to see the full beneficial affects. We offer a full explanation of what we set out to achieve for your business online and provide reporting from start to finish so you can monitor all the progress.

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