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Improve Organic Search Traffic With Strategic SEO Services in Ireland

Ecommerce SEO

We provide online stores with the optimisation needed to get their products to the top of organic search results. We use a combination of on-page and off-page techniques to increase brand awareness or drive high-converting traffic to your online storefront

Website Audits

Every strategy starts with an audit of your website. A technical SEO audit is an in-depth review of your web pages and the factors that influence your search rankings. It allows us to analyse how well your website is doing in search results pages and helps us find issues that may hurt your optimisation score.

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    SEO Ireland FAQ

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) refers to growing the visibility and appearance of a website in organic search engine results pages (SERP) naturally using various techniques. This process aims to increase ranking position and click-through rate from search engines and thus increasing conversions. Organic search results are where a site appears naturally on Google without the use of paid ads. How SEO works is by improving the following three areas of a website.
    1. Crawlability: Search Engines have spiders that collect information about your website in order to discover everything about your business.
    2. Authority - Your site will have a strong SEO score where building authority will help. This includes brand mentions, citations etc.
    3. Relevancy - This is how relevant the content of a web page corresponds to a search term used.
    To improve crawlability, authority and relevancy, an SEO company will implement 2 techniques called on-page and off-page which we explain in further detail below.
    Executing SEO services is not only about getting web pages to appear higher on search engines so that you have more traffic. It's also about improving the quality of traffic in order to gain qualified leads and maximising conversions.Search Engine's algorithms are changing regularly with updates such as Google Panda Penguin that will penalise lower quality sites that don't have authority and don't have the right features in place. Some of the recent trends in Algorithms are mobile-friendly web pages, page speed, voice search and schema markup. Artificial intelligence is forever improving to ensure all the ranking signals are implemented correctly and penalising other sites for bad practice. It is crucial there is a carefully planned marketing strategy in place that takes all of these factors into account so that your company can get more traffic, better conversions and ROI.At Riordan SEO Ireland, we will drive more visitors to your site and increase your brand's visibility online while also taking into account the user experience. What makes sense to the user, makes sense to Search Engines too. Our approach is honest and effective, providing stats and reporting of the progress from start to finish! Start with a Free Proposal and Audit here.
    Have you ever had SEO companies call you and claim they can bring your business to position 1 on Google right away? This is wrong and you will be wasting your money. Search Engine Optimisation involves building trust and authority with search engines. Were a reliable and effective SEO Company Ireland with many clients that see results even within the first few months. To see the full benefits of a successful strategy takes up to 6-8 months. Search engines need to investigate your site over time using artificial intelligence by analyzing authoritativeness, trustworthiness, relevancy and the user journey.
    Determining the cost of SEO in Ireland depends on the number of factors. There is no set price to do Search Engine Optimisation as every project has different goals, competition size and score of a website. It's like asking how much will it cost to buy a house? The price would depend on location, what size, etc. To give a general idea it would depend on a number of factors including:
    • How many errors your site has
    • The current online presence
    • Size of your website and how many products or services you have
    • Competition
    • Target audience

     We will give a full breakdown of what we propose to improve your site. Our proposals include an estimate of:
    • Breakdown of each task and a summary of a full cost estimate.
    • Effective strategy mapped out through a monthly retainer (retainer is used for your monthly budget)
    • Hourly breakdown.
    This forms part of on-page Search Engine Optimisation and works by improving the technical or backend side of a website in order to increase the ranking of its pages in the search engines and make it easier to crawl. This could be anything from improving schema markup, robots.txt, metadata, site speed or sitemaps.
    On-page techniques include steps for optimising the individual web pages on your website. We complete a series of optimisations to make your pages more relevant in search queries. This can involve updating meta, content etc.
    Off-page techniques are designed to improve the authority of your website. Our off-page SEO services tend to go way beyond link-building to boost the credibility of your web pages for better search rankings. These days we find many new clients are in need of toxic backlink removal.
    Simply put, a specialist offers a high return on investment if their strategies are effective. Many may claim to be an SEO expert that provide secret techniques that no other companies have and say they can deliver fast results for performance or rankings. They will use manipulative tricks that cause harm to your website long term and have no explanation for it. Nowadays it's keeping up with new trends and preparing for what Google updates lay ahead in the future. The longer you practice it, the more you understand how Google will trust your techniques, thus the better ROI your business will enjoy. We have extensive experience ranking local websites in Ireland to some of the largest organisations globally. Every single business will always require a customized approach and strategy.

    Four-Step Guide To Organic Ranking Success

    Technical Facts
    Technical Facts

    Technical SEO Facts

    Over 90% of Google searches and clicks are generated on Page 1.
    60% of this traffic will visit websites in those top 3 positions. That's a huge share of traffic for the top 3 if your website ranks in that top position. If your company is not on page 1, then no one will likely discover your products or services.

    Before analysing and optimising your website, we need to establish technical facts and define goals. Our SEO services start with a technical review of your current page ranking for various keywords. We take a closer look at the keywords that you rank for and the keywords that your competition ranks for.

    Establishing these technical details gives us more insight into how people find your products or services. This also gives us a starting point for keyword research. We determine which keywords provide the best opportunity for increased search rankings based on search volume and competition.

    We gain a better understanding of your target audience, market, and competition to help measure the progress of our strategies. This also provides us with more information for outlining and defining your objectives.

    After you let us know what you hope to achieve, we review the technical side of things to establish goals for our SEO services Ireland. We offer honest advice to set realistic objectives.

    Whether you want to increase conversion rates or gain awareness, we can help. Instead of claiming that we can help you reach the top search position, we ensure that you have a realistic view of what you can technically achieve with the help of an SEO agency.



    Website Analysis

    This is where we see what's working and what's not, to improve your website rankings. After defining goals, discussing your target audience and establishing a baseline, we then explore the behaviour of your site and what your competitors are up to. Our search engine optimisation Ireland services include a review of your website and we perform a thorough technical audit of your site to evaluate its SEO health. This involves a review of several specific areas that may impact your search rankings, such as:

    • Technical SEO issues
    • Website structure
    • On-page optimisation issues
    • User experience

    The technical audit of your website covers issues that may keep search engines from ranking your webpages. We examine redirects, page speed, sitemaps, and other technical details to analyse the crawlability and indexability of your site.

    We also review the URL structure of your site. Web pages should follow a simple naming convention and hierarchy to make your site more browsable for humans and search engines.

    After inspecting potential technical issues, we review on-page factors. This includes the use of keywords, images, metadata, and the overall quality and structure of your content. These steps help us determine the current SEO of your website's pages.

    Improving SEO for Ireland search engines also includes a review of user experience issues. Over 75% of the population of Ireland uses smartphones. If your website does not load properly on mobile devices, you may miss out on a large portion of internet users.


    Effective Strategies backed by Data

    Our SEO marketing strategies are backed by the data that we gather during our research. We perform comprehensive keyword research, market research, and competitor analysis to gain a broad view of where you stand and how to achieve your goals.

    Based on our technical analysis and website audit, we have the data needed to craft an effective website optimisation strategy. We carefully construct a plan that includes a combination of on-page and off-page SEO techniques to capitalise on opportunities for higher search rankings.

    On-page strategies include steps we complete on your webpages, such as the use of targeted keywords in your content, title, and metadata. We also ensure that images and videos are optimised, which includes the use of ALT tags for images.

    Off-page strategies focus on increasing the authority of your website. We help create more backlinks and online mentions of your business. When your website has a lot of backlinks from reputable sites, search engines assume that you are a credible source for information related to your targeted keywords.

    We also develop strategies based on the intended reach of your search engine optimisation campaign. No matter if you want to focus on local, national SEO Ireland, or international search rankings, we understand what it takes to compete in different markets.


    Better Rankings, More Traffic!

    We execute search engine optimisation services that provide real results. You can rely on us to quickly deploy the strategies that we developed as part of our tailored website SEO services.

    After executing your tailored plan, we continue to monitor and maintain our strategies. SEO is an ongoing process that requires occasional changes to take advantage of specific keyword opportunities. Continually monitoring your rankings and user behaviour makes it easier to analyse and adjust our strategies to achieve greater success.

    The amount of time needed to see an increase in organic traffic varies, which is why we start implementing your tailored strategy immediately. You may get results within four to six months, depending on the size of the market and level of the competition.

    You can also monitor our progress. As part of our SEO management, we deliver reports with useful metrics to track the increase in search rankings and traffic.

    The bottom line is that Search Engine Optimisation requires specialised knowledge. Search algorithms are becoming more complex and increasingly strict. Simple mistakes may keep your pages from appearing in search results or lower your existing rankings.

    We waste no time in executing our services. We make sure our strategies are successfully executed and maintained turning your tailored SEO package investment into profit. Our Reporting allows you to see the progress of the search engine optimisation campaign.

    If you want to climb to the top, enlist the help of the best SEO services in Ireland.

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