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What Is An SEO Strategy?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) can help your business achieve greater success by driving high-converting traffic to your website. However, there are many available SEO strategies for reaching your specific goals.

Every strategy will include many of the SEO services below including website audits and specialised SEO for e-commerce businesses. 

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How a Digital SEO Strategy is Developed

Detailed Audits and Research

Each SEO strategy starts with an audit of your website. A technical audit is an in-depth review of your web pages and the factors that influence your search rankings. It allows us to analyse how well your website is doing in search results pages and helps us find issues that may hurt your SEO score, such as:

  • Broken links
  • Missing metadata
  • Improper keyword usage
  • Poor site architecture
  • Slow-loading web pages
  • Mobile web design issues
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    How a Digital SEO Strategy is Developed

    On-page & Off-page Factors

    On-page SEO services often involve factors that we can fix on your website, such as the problems uncovered during a technical audit. We also use detailed keyword research, market research, and competitive analysis to determine the right keyword strategy for your pages.

    Off-page SEO services include the factors that occur off-site, such as backlinks and mentions from other websites. These details influence the overall authority of your site, which leads search engines to consider your website a trusted source of information.

    Some of the steps that we use for on-page and off-page SEO depend on your needs, which is why each business receives a custom strategy.

    How a Digital SEO Strategy is Developed

    Defining Your Target Audience and Competitors

    We need to understand your target audience to determine which keywords they are likely to use when searching for your goods or services. This information also allows us to tailor your content to their needs.

    When developing your custom strategy, we also examine your competition. We look at the keywords that they rank for and the strategies that they use to achieve higher search rankings.

    After defining your audience and competition, we begin researching keywords. The keywords are divided into categories to help find gaps and opportunities. For example, we may uncover keywords unused by your competition that can allow your pages to climb the rankings quickly.

    Using the data obtained from the initial technical audit, keyword research, and competition analysis, we start fleshing out your personalised SEO strategy. Depending on your goals and current search rankings, we may need to employ a wide variety of SEO services and tactics such as:

    • Content optimisation
    • Content creation
    • Website design or redesign
    • Backlink building
    • Citation building
    • Reputation management

    Each of these techniques are finetuned to align with your goals and achieve superior results. After launching your custom strategy, we continue to review the results and provide you with detailed reports to monitor the rise of your website.

    What is your SEO strategy? Contact Riordan SEO to explore solutions for growing your business online.

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